Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Haggin's Happy Campers

Last semester my RA posted up flyers saying that Haggin Hall had the lowest GPA and the highest drop out rate. Well, this semester (and I don't know how this happened...) this is what is hanging on our bulletin board:

Reflects well on Haggin, I beleive.

ps- for all my future haggin residence readers (I think have 2, maybe 3), this is mostly towards the end of the semester when these things start popping up, so don't worry, you have a few months without the look of these evil monsters.

University Commons Review

A friend sent me a review of my apartment complex for next semester. It's a pretty crappy review, but it only consist of 11 people (12 if you count the one I did with perfect score just to prove how few people had voted...before my vote the score was like 18% or something).

I'm not sure why I'm posting about this. Maybe just to say look, bad reviews. I don't care. It looks like everyone in the complaint department is just saying stuff about management. I could say the same about Haggin, blah blah blah, but that doesn't mean it's unbearable. I think the review is just a few spoiled brats, but what do I know...I haven't lived there right?

No but I have made 4 visits now, and have talked to several people who have lived there (some of which I think are quite credible, considering they lived there for an entire school year). I have heard parking can kind of suck on weekends, big deal, it's still better than UK. I find it hard to believe that management is as tight as some of the letters make it out to be, seeing as my friend's buddy from back home has a boxer living in those apartments.

I don't care what 11 people have to say about the University Commons. I need my space, and I need some responsibility, which dorm life has given me little of.
So University Commons, welcome me with open arms, and I wont greet you with a closed mind.
This connection is too funny.
So if you remember the turkey buzzard incident from yesterday, you'll get a kick out of this.
Anybody know why birds are attracted to black cars, chevy's or trailblazers? Please tell. Dad, consult John Mayer about your problem, it seems his new cd Try may have information on your problem:

How did they find me here
What do they want from me
All of these vultures hiding
Right outside my door
I hear them whisperin
They're tryin to ride it out
Cause they've never gone this long
Without a kill before

That's more than likely it for the Doc. today. I've got a huge paper due tomorrow in Fairy Tales. That class was a mistake.

Photo position

Currently I'm the assistant photo editor of our paper, the Kernel. I've applied for the position of photo editor next year, and will be going for my interview in two days. I only know of one person who will be running against me, but nothing is certain.

I would love to have this position. I've gotten the feel for it this semester, learned the ropes, and now I'm ready to leap in and try to make the kernel's photo section even better than it is. We have a very devoted group, and I'd love to push that even further.

Our young staff has time to grow and do some great things, such as personal projects, group projects and turn our daily photographs into more than just money for a student.

I'm looking forward to working with our staff next year whether or not I get the position, but I'd love to be responsible for what's hopefully going to be happening.

Long-winded win can't save Cats - Sports

Long-winded win can't save Cats - Sports

All right, if somebody wants to explain why we loaded this picture up as a thumbnail on the main page, I have no idea.

This is a rerun but I thought it'd be cool to post it. The guy has a good face at the moment.



This was a difficult assignment. I'm not sure I like how it turned out, but it was a deadline. I wish I had more time to work on it.

Defense ahead of offense at halftime of spring - Sports

Defense ahead of offense at halftime of spring - Sports

During football season I only had one pictar run. Today, I had two. I found this humorous.