Monday, April 03, 2006

SEC, Representin'

Hey, if it's not UK, I'd rather it be the SEC than any other conference.

And to think, Florida used to have mostly a football fan base.

Congrats to Florida though. They've had a great season, and I would rather them win since LSU fell to UCLA.

Let's just look forward to UK's season next year and pray for the best. I hear Rondo is leaving, but we'll get by. Tubby has made his promise, let's just see him keep it.

UK Parking Sucks

I need to be recharged. I'm just looking at the next five weeks and saying, please, please, please pass by as quick as possible.

I really need that time after to just rest, be with family, my girlfriend and buddies back home. I just want nothing more than to wake up and NOT know what I'm going to do for the day.

Confession: I got my third parking ticket today. I forgot my car out in the garage (second time, first time I remembered at 12:30). They start ticketing at 5:30, and I woke up around then because it's so hot in my room (no joke, the chocolate my mom gave me is now melting because they wont turn the freaking air on). I remembered I forgot to move my car, and sprinted to the garage hoping to get my car before the ticketing monsters did.

I failed.

They got my car, they're going to charge me 25 bucks and I think it's a scam. I talked to some friends today, and we think they're just compensating lack of funds through parking. We can't fight it, it is the rules but they enforce the rules so much. I mean to have ticketed me 3 minutes after the rule. That just sucks.

I want to find a way to fight you UK. We pay enough for tuition, on your rip off meal plan, and assorted other charges (your stupid parking passes that cost 170 bucks or so) and you still try to scam out a few extra dollars.

(once again Mike Wazowski you were out of the picture...sorry)

Shot fired at Kirwan Tower hits dorm window - Campus News

Shot fired at Kirwan Tower hits dorm window - Campus News

All right now parents, (mine included). Don't get too freaked out about this story but it is something to think about .

I was in my dorm sleeping, just as the girl who had the shot hit her ceiling. I hope they find this jerk, because actions like this shouldn't be tolerated.

(Just to let you know, I reported this story to the kernel because the gossip got to me before the paper haha)

End of an experiment: Moss done with football - Sports

End of an experiment: Moss done with football - Sports

Here is a little bit of follow up on Ravi Moss' decision to go to the pig skin. Well worth your time.