Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I love my car.

Oh my. I love my car. I haven't found one I like better. The Mini Cooper S is probably the best car for Brad Luttrell. It's quick, maneuverable, small for quick parking, tight squeezes, great sound system, and large enough for two people's luggage. I love it.

But I've found my new obsession. It doesn't fall out of the family tree. And ya know, I've often wondered what my next car could even be, because I mean, I love Minis so much. Well, if these cars ever make it to sale, and I have a reasonable job (considering this will be way down ther road because I'm driving Sasquatch [my car's name] until it is dead) I'm ying one. There are four versions of the new Mini concepts, and they are all amazing. Please please please, click here to find them.


Sun is still shining back home.

Good day sunshine. Right? Eh, whatever.

I move out and everything cool starts happening. Mom and dad are building a sunroom onto the house, and it's freaking sweet.

This is a view towards the house. The fireplace will be going in the corner where you can see the air conditioner, and I think they may do stained glass over the kitchen window right there. Over to the left, where you can see the huge open space, that's not windows, it's french sliding doors. Yippeee.

Here is my sister's side (that's for those of you who are familar with my house, if not, stop here, for this blog will be boring from here on out). This is where the air conditioner is for those of you who really don't know what I mean, but are still reading. Now you can see what I mean about those doors. Freaking huge. Almost as big as the TV I'm trying to talk mom and dad into buying (insert joke there).

And here it is in it's entirety. Mom said she didn't think it was big enough when they first started building it. They laughed. I think she didn't quite grasp how much space it really was. To give you an idea how big it feels to me, my dorm room (of which I share with another person is 14 1/3' x 11', and this is 26' x 26'(corrections from father). I'm pumped. I'm ready.

I've been preparing my parents for the video gaming madness that will come from having such a room. oh yes. It's coming. This summer, expect it mom and dad.