Tuesday, January 17, 2006

RUPPtured Team.

Lately there has been a pain that hits my heart several times a week. I feel a terrible cold coming on, or maybe even some slight depression. It feels as though a catastrophic contagion has struck all of Lexington to be honest, and I am not the only person experiencing such heart ache. People everywhere are feeling tarnished, whether they are students, alumnus, or just long time enthusiasts. Some may say its equivalent to the Bubonic Plague, but I wouldn’t go that far, just yet.

The 2005 – 2006 Kentucky Basketball Team is not up to par with tradition, and has been said to be the cause of such heart ache and pain to those who attend the games and tune in on ESPN. As of today, we’ve lost both of the past home games, and one game at Kansas. How can this be? Why is it, my first year at UK I can’t even enjoy what I looked so forward to being a part of? I will stand by my team though, whether I’m decked out in blue paint and a bath robe with plastic weapons, dressed as a ninja for the eRUPPtion zone, or quietly whispering my irritated slurs to myself on the sideline while shooting for the Kernel, and trying to use my mind powers to connect with the team and give them the umph they need.
In eight hours my Cats will be taking on Georgia…at Georgia. All I can do is hope that my mind bullets will be able to take down the other team from here, and that maybe all the other fans will be able to use their own powers to wipe out the disease that has become known as “losing recordemia” to most of us.

The players know it’s there. Lukasz Orbzut was quoted in The Kentucky Kernel saying that Tubby has been telling them “…other teams smell the blood and they’re going to play their best game.”

UK is hurt, weak, and just not performing to the level it’s going to take to get all those Wildcats in the stands back to good health. Maybe a victory over Georgia tonight would be just the prescription we need to put some “umph” back into the stands.