Thursday, March 30, 2006


"don't you think that some of this stuff, which you say is learned from experience, is innate? i think there is innate knowledge in everyone, but i also agree that certain experiences bring about a different knowledge...we had a big discussion in my psychology class about nature vs. nuture...this argument reminds me of that...."

Hmm...I really want to discuss more about this, Anonymous (being anonymous is cool, not knocking that). Are we talking about innate knowledge, or innate ideas? There is a difference. Knowledge means you know if from the start, but ideas must be triggered in some way. What would be your example?

Please respond, I’m not trying to make a mockery of you, only looking to possibly have my mind changed.

Always looking to learn,
The Doctor

also, I'm on myspace if you want to speak directly...which is fine (if so, no further comments will be posted by you, only what I've learned)

From walk-on to...walk-on.

UK fans don't know what to do with themselves. It seemed the seniors of the 2005 - 2006 basketball team were gone forever, never to be heard from again (since none are going pro), but just as we had all started thinking about next year's senior class, one senior rises above the season of basketball.

Ravi Moss, a 190 lb, 6-2 senior guard decided to step up for his final year of eligibility to play football for the Kentucky Wildcats. This, needless to say, took away a lot of the shine to the incoming players.

Rich Brook is excited to have him on the team, and you can find more about all this at either of these sites (and honestly I think the Kernel beat the Herald-Leader on this story).

Kentucky Kernel

Lexington Herald-Leader

What a shame it is.

It seems that thanks to two to four officers, the entire L.P.D. will suffer a bad reputation.

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