Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What the cool kids call "Random"

Recently I've been getting good grades on papers, tests and quizes even after I was positive I was going to make a D or C on them. If my Geology test comes through this wont be a false pattern either.

Today was a day that made me decide this: I hate writing news stories.

I don't know how to communicate with people in that way. I can't bring out facts the right way. I woke up at 6 this morning, just to find out that I couldn't put all these stats into the right order to get it to make sense. I've done well all year long in this class, and up until this point, I thought I was a good writer. She throws a stats story at us, and I'm screwed.

I'm hoping we get a rewrite on this one, although I'm more than 77% sure we don't.

As if the heat in my room wasn't bad enough, my fridge is tearing up. I'll be taking it home this weekend. Awesome.

I apologize for the random crap. I try to keep this blog as far from this irrelevant sputter as possible. I needed it today.

There may be a few days without bloggedness funn stuff for you to do, as I will be home in the Borough this weekend.

Homeland Security...I feel safe.

It's nice to know who is protecting you.

Click here.

Stupid Stats stuff Stupid

I've been up since 6. I never get to watch the sunrise.