Monday, May 22, 2006

What you are about to see is not all of the graduation pictures that were taken, and in fact is only a small fraction of the total amount of pics. There is a list posted, and if the name you're looking for is on the list, I have good pictures of you. If the name you're looking for isn't on the list, leave me a comment and I'll go through my pics and search again. DO NOT GIVE UP IF YOUR NAME ISN'T POSTED, I MAY STILL HAVE A PIC AND HAVE MISSED IT. I HAD HUNDREDS OF PICS FROM GRADUATION. Also, not all of the pictures of each pesron has been posted. Just because one picture has been posted, doesn't mean I have one picture of that person. The best way to find out what I have, is ask.

OK, so once again not all of the graduation pictures have been posted, but this is just to give everyone a feel for how they turned out. Overall, I was pleased with outcome.

As I promised before, I will sell you pictures for nearly nothing compared to the other graduation photographers, but I will not promise that I have a good picture of everyone. What I have done though, is compiled a master list. If you're name is on it, I have pictures of you, so just check out the list below and contact me if you're intersted (and you should be because I will give you a deal you can't beat).

I have pictures of the following(excuse all name errors):


  • Anna Sparks
  • Jenny Powell
  • Aaron Earle
  • Aaron Howard
  • Ashley Roark
  • Victoria Taylor
  • Megan Mars
  • Chandler Johnson
  • Stuart Miller
  • Candis Hill
  • Cody Bennett
  • Jolene Hall
  • Sarah Smith
  • DJ Helton
  • Dusty Abbott
  • Heather Sharpe
  • Khalid Eldahan
  • Erica Beaty
  • Marina Hoe
  • Sara Evans
  • Chris Evans
  • Griffin Wilson
  • Rhea Kaw
  • Zack Holbrook
  • Jasmine Hall
  • Bart Short
  • Alex Mars
Please, if you're not on the list, I may have just missed you. Just leave a comment WITH A RESPONSE EMAIL and I'll let you know.

Graduation pics.