Sunday, January 08, 2006

I heard an interesting comment today over dinner. I was enjoying a delicious plate of spaghetti at my girlfriends house, not saying much, when her grandfather spoke up with something he had been thinking about since he recently saw an interview with a man about his book on CNN (I believe that's what he said). "He was a young, good looking fella, who was extremely...deep," her grandfather said of the man promoting his book. He's been known to stretch the truth, such as the time when he told the news paper that his dog was picked out of a litter where it was the mut, and was to be killed on Christmas morning to feed the family, but she had outlived all her brothers and sisters; yes these are the stories we hear from him. But he's a very, very intelligent man, and very witty, and if he says something was deep, and made him think, it must have been a profound thought.

So back to the original comment. "Exremely...deep."

The man whom he had seen on TV was taking on Christianity, and saying what a load of lies it was. Stating that no one could prove such things. Such as, how can we say that Paul was definitely here for so long and how do we know he wrote this? How can we say that Jesus said this, and was here? And then he went on to tell more about it, specifics that I can't remember. But then Rina's mom spoke up and said something that I thought defeated the whole argument in one simplistic question, followed by a powerful statement...

"Isn't that the point? It's faith."

Well put. Isn't she right though? I mean, so what, you can't prove all of it, and there may even be people out there trying to prove some of it wrong, but isn't what it's all about is the part where you're out there, on the wire, walking with faith? That's just how I thought it was supposed to be. If you're into backing it up, that sounds more like Christian Science (sorry, I'm not really well informed on this religion, but that's what I imagine it would be. If you're reading Tom Cruise, tell me).

That's my blurb for the day. This thought may even be unfinished. You tell me.