Saturday, May 13, 2006

One more time, for those of you who are still searching.

I've posted this before, I know, but it's going up one last time for those who haven't found it in the Kernel's archives.

I went to the Kernel banquet this past Wednesday and it was great. I really felt good for giving CKRE the publicity it's deserved all along. It was such a great experience to work on that story and I really am proud of the outcome.

But anyways, one last time on here, and I promise you'll hear nothing else. Check it out below.

Also, here is the link for the video I made with it.

And also, my video will be down on the right side, under my pet you'll find the video in the links section. It will remain there from now on, but just enjoy this easy link while you can. It'll be gone after a few post.