Monday, June 12, 2006

Mini Cooper Revolution

I'm sitting in the "waiting room" of the Mini dealer here in Cincinnati, Oh. My car's brake light came on recently, and I drove up to get the brakes changed and boy did they put me in for a treat.

They offered to change my oil, I didn't even have to ask. He said, "Would you mind if we changed your oil?" and I said, "Oh sure, that sounds excellent."

So from there we went on to discuss that my gas cap needed fixed, my driver's side window could use to be repaired, and that they may or may not change my windshield wipers.

I've never been serviced as this dealer has offered. It's great. (See I told you guys you needed a Mini Cooper).

He showed me the way to the "waiting room" and it's more equiped than my apartment. Free Starbucks Coffee, food, waters, Coke products*, free internet access (of which I am obviously taking advantage of), Xbox, plasma television (and boy is it huge), movies, probably more stuff that I haven't figured out I'm allowed to do.

I think after my car is ready they said they were going to clean it up, I don't know how much that means but I'm down.

If you're interested in Coopers, just check out the site:

Mini USA

(My car should be nearly finished as I saw them drive it past just a moment ago).