Monday, March 06, 2006


Alright, I'm aware my posts are random, have no point usually and I'm also aware that only about 20 people max read them. But here is what I have for this post.

Under this blog, is the link to Greenwheel's website. I saw them this weekend in Louisville with a few friends (Ben and Oost) and I have to say, they were awesome.

Please check out their site. I promise this isn't a crappy garage band, they've been on the SPIDERMAN soundtrack so that's pretty cool.

Other bands who were there and you should check out are:

(intheclear) & Image hosted by

and check these guys out, even though they weren't at that show, they're still good groups:

circlefour & i_INSiDE

All groups have songs, videos, chat, or something for you to get into.