Monday, April 10, 2006

Until tomorrow...

I'll go into detail on what next semester looks like more later. As for now I'm going to hit the hay. I think you have gotten your daily dose for today. Take two cupcakes, get some rest and see me in the morning. Depending on how early I get up, I may let you in on a little secret.

My blog is unwinding. My_self too.

I'm beginning to like having random visitors reading myself.

Photographer Wanted?

Hear ye, hear ye! The Doctor will be working with some of the best photographers in Kentucky over the summer! I'm so excited. That's right, I'm at the Lexington Herald-Leader this summer, internship baby! If you've never seen their work, it's all right here. Please check it out. Not for my sake, for yours.

So I'll be here in Lex-Vegas from June 8 until Aug 3. I'd like to post this though about my summer:

If you or someone you know needs a photographer for anything (I mean anything) please let me know. I promise you, I'll beat the prices of any professional you can find, and be much easier to work with (no required packages...order what you want). I'm not bound to shooting in Middlesboro though, I will travel two hours of Middlesboro both directions.

So if you can think of any work for me, leave a comment, let me know. Help a college kid pay for his camera. I've lost my usual jobs for the summer, which was mowing grass (paid more than shooting pictures is right now believe it or not), so I'll be needing another source of income.


Permission Granted!

Quick Announcement:
This summer I'll be spending from June 8 to August 3 as an intern at the Lexington Herald-Leader. I'm more than excited.
More on this later...

Turkey Buzzard vs. 9mm

Well, this is a funny tale. I'm kind of glad I wasn't home for this. My dad's car... was attacked, and this time, it wasn't that big ugly bird I talked about the other remember right? The ugly red one.

No, this time it was what most people know as a "turkey buzzard", (yeah i actually did a link for the buzzard) or a vulture if you're not from the south.

My dad sent me an email, and after reading it, I thought it was one of his joke emails he sends me all the time. It read as follows:

"My Trailblazer was attacked by a young Turkey buzzard while I was home at lunch today. Thought you might find these pictures interesting. My contractor just happened to be there and he shot it with a 9mm (it took 4 shots to kill it). "

Then I scroll down, to find dad's car, mangled with bird crap and scratch marks.

So this is our contractor, Jerry, who killed the beast. I find this hilarious. I thought surely someone else would as well.

Way to go Jerry.

So what causes something to freak out like that? Haha. It's own image? Did the bird find itself to be a threat. I don't know. I hope a scientist reads my blog one day to give me some answers here. If not, I'll just keep going with what the Doctor thinks is right.

Michael Ian Black, everyone.

I forgot to mention that I got to see Michael Ian Black's stand up routine on UK's campus the other night. The photo request came in and I quickly claimed it.

You may remember Michael Ian Black from any of the following:
* Reno 9-11 (guest appearance)
* Stella on Comedy Central
* Wet Hot American Summer
* I love the 80's (VH1)

Or if you'd like, click here, for more of his work.

I like this photo, because you can see how goofy he is. Here, he was talking about how we've evolved and squirrels haven't, and we can hold 2, 3, 4, maybe even 5 nuts in our hand. Suck on that, squirrel.