Friday, February 17, 2006

Let's Get High(er)

Last night was strange. I was just walking back from the Kernel (work) and I felt something. I'm not sure if it was a feeling of content or if I was just really ecstatic about the warm weather, but something came over me.

I had an urge that was not to be stopped. It’s nothing interesting like what many people would love to read about, no drugs, unfaithfulness or soul trades with the devil were involved. I stopped, and was standing right beside of a parking structure. I just decided to walk to the top.

I had my camera out and shot a few terrible pictures. But it was fun. I wanted to just shoot all night long. It felt so surreal. I felt like (pardon the cliché) a king on top of his castle. It just felt so good to be watching so many people drive, walk, or ride by and never know I was watching them, making documentations of their presence. I don’t mean that in any freaky, conspiracy theory way either.

I shot for about 15 minutes and it began to rain, so I came down, at peace with what I had captured. Of course once I arrived back at my dorm, I was displeased with my findings. All except for one picture:

Now the experienced will tell me my aperture was off, I overexposed and it’s poorly cropped, but I’ll tell the experience that art is what I say it is, and so is happiness. I found some kind of bliss from capturing this image. But for those of you who want to criticize, here is something a little closer to what you were probably looking for.