Friday, March 10, 2006

Mountain Arsonist

I remember after Christmas, I was driving back to Lexie, and I saw the mountain on fire. It was kind of odd, I was listening to Ring of Fire, and even though that's not what it's about, it was still cool because the fire formed a ring around the mountain. I took a reasonable pic out of that, and figured that was my last chance. Pfft.

I should have known right? Not in Middlesboro. The village idiot is out trying to destroy all that's left of our mountains. Out setting fires to all the local mountains. For some reason no one had notified me that what our area is known for, is on fire. The Cumberland Gap, the crater mountains, all that, it's burning and no one told me.

But anyways, I see it today and I'm like, holy crap, and I almost wreck about 17 times on the way home trying to look at it all. Well Alex and I set out at night, and honestly, I got some great pics. I don't care to call these great, they really are just nice.

I feel bad for these people who are just helplessly watching this creep up on them. Some of these people are fighting fires 10 to 20 feet from their homes. The first home I came to, the people were all just standing there, watching. Well, not that they hadn't fought, they were tired and dirty from their efforts. There were two fire trucks there, one of which had to leave to refill to battle the blazing monster.

These pics are all from different mountains. There are two sides to one mountain, then there is another mountain that's about a mile and a half away. These fires are being started in different areas, and in specific areas to where they can spread easily. The wind is stretching this all out to be a true tragedy. I hope the rain assists the fight against what's been done to these people's lives.

Once again, click here for the pics. And next, the teaser...