Saturday, April 08, 2006

Opening day at Keeneland.

Wake up at 5:11. Hit snooze button three times, just to rest, never go back to sleep. There by 6:47. McDonald's didn't do the job on hunger. Sun peaks. Shoot few pictures. Meet jockey named Nacho, request photos. Shoot his photos and his friend's. Making pictures all day. Meet up with friends, watch two races, enjoy good cigar.

I love
Keeneland. This day proved me more good pictures than the other three days I had shot there combined. Here is what I came out with (more are on my other space, The Doctor's Space that is. Click here for those.)

These aren't all the best, just a few I thought I'd throw on here. They're in no particular order either.

Check out the space, it's cool, fun and got some good'ns.

Check my others out!

Sorority Fundraiser

Not much to say, just really liked these two pics I shot for something the other day. This was a beauty pageant for sororities at UK, and I came out with these two. I really like the colors on the first one, and the second one feels so fun and free. Enjoy.