Friday, June 09, 2006

Tom is not your friend.

I'm not sure why anyone is worried about the environment. It's like, "what about the future?" "Where will our children go?" or my favorite, "Have you thought about your grandkids?".

Why do we care. I have my own space to live, breathe, listen to tunes, talk to people, have parties, all that. I did it online. All I did was sign up, give this website all my information, and in just a few seconds, I already had one friend. Well, their name was...Tom. But that's a start right? Even if I have a dude friend as my first?

Myspace has taken over the hard parts of so many things throughout the day. Parents, no longer will you have to worry about letting your daughters go out in short skirts and shirts that scream "Peaches for sale!". Nope. It's all being done for you! Right from your very own home!

That's right. Creeps are coming right into your homes, and snatching up your little girls without even having to open their bedroom doors. Old men can have a check at those peaches without even having to go to the produce store (it goes for guys too).

Check out the most recent "date" Tom and his buddies at have set up. It's all over the news, it was a real slam! Especially with the feds.

Over easy:

Today I got a disgusting message sent to my "space" or whatever. I was only checking it to tell Tom off, but he has it fixed to where I can only message him every so often (not just me, but everyone). But I had this message from a random girl:

greetings im melissa, I'm new to myspace and figured id msg a few people to see wuz up. I usually chat on my webcam more than anything, so if ya wanna see my pic or chat a bit,

(there was a link here)
l8 Love ya24594

I replied telling her how much class she had and how I appreciated the offer from a total stranger. What a sweet girl, huh?

Tom, you are not my friend.