Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Halo nerds

I'm not sure who is the bigger nerd.

I just found myself looking at bungie.net for news about Halo 3 (huge fan) and I ran up on this.

"We're also going to be coming up with some early Halo 3 swag pretty soon, and we'll keep you posted on that. I happen to be wearing a rad Halo 3 t-shirt right now, which is a huge hit with the ladies"

How is it that a Halo 3 shirt is hot with the ladies? I've yet to meet a girl who said, "You play Halo?...Can I come over sometime, play a little Halo then you can take me out for a steak."

Maybe I'm living on the wrong planet, or maybe it's just that I'm not living on a ring (if you got that, you're a nerd too). Whatever it is, I thought it was hilarious that this guy is saying that Halo 3 gear is getting him ladies.

Now here is the interesting part, who is the bigger lamo, the one who uses video game memorabilia to get dates, or the one who was reading a year and a half in advance for a game and found the comment?

Comments, questions? Or maybe you feel like publicly letting me know how much of a loser that makes me...