Thursday, June 08, 2006

The stink in the Tub

Alleyne latest loss for Cats

Alleyne the Cats' most recent loss

Here is the dish on Shigari leaving UK, our latest "loss". I'm glad we have an opened scholarship personally. I hope Tubby makes good use of it.

Painstaking stakeout

I'm beginning to think that this whole case with the killing of an al-Qaeda leader isn't true. I believe he died, I watched the video. It's just that the way the government has released it, it seems as though they released it to the press to get al-Qaeda to fall apart. "One tip came from al-Zarqawi's own terror network" said the military.

Maybe I'm creating conspiracy theories, but al-Qaeda is such a bunch of tight wound crazies that it just seems odd that they gave up information like that, and then we put together a master plan in two weeks and it was over.

Blogger has been blocking

Sorry for any delays with the blog. I have several more topics to be touched on such as Alleyne quiting the UK team (or whatever), the Abu Musab al-Zarqawi story, and some more on the Tubby battle.

My first day at the internship is tomorrow. Good luck, eh?

Well Kidnap My Crickets

My Gecko, Cash, has long deserved a good meal. For the longest time he didn't get anything real. It was all freeze-dried crickets. The bait store in town didn't carry crickets over the winter and we had to tough it out.

I went to pick him up some crickets from the store, we got 25. I put them in the little cricket container I had (cost me like 5 bucks) and brought them up here to the Commons with me. I know there isn't supposed to be any pets, but Cash is way too cool to leave at home.

So I dropped Cash a cricket in his cage a couple days ago, and before I could even turn around he pounced it and began to dig in. I dropped him another one, and he swallowed it whole. I felt bad, all those crappy crickets were just keeping him alive.

I was so happy to have the little guy some real food. But I couldn't take the crickets chirping all the time, so I hid them in a bush outside. Reasonable right?

Well my crickets have been kidnapped. Cage and all is gone. My gecko has been violated. I demand an answer. I demand a response. I demand justice.

A $2,000 dollar reward is out for any information about the whereabouts of the crickets and/or their cage. Cash will be paid by Cash after the return of the crickets is made and he has eaten.

Disclaimer: Gecko has no real money. He also has no intentions of giving anyone any real money. He may very well share his meal with you if you're interested.

Tubby Smith called out by local fans.

So apparently, a bunch of concerned UK fans tried to buy a full page ad in the Kentucky Kernel (UK's independent school paper) giving about 50 reasons on why Tubby should be fired (not sure on exact amount of reasons, but it was what is known as a crapload). Some of their facts weren't straight, or were at least questionable. Such as Tubby Smith is the highest paid coach in basketball history. As our sports editor (and I guess you could call him a managing editor over the summer) Chris Johnson pointed out, "That doesn't mean anything. Construction workers are the highest paid construction workers ever, because of inflation, not their good work."

There were several other claims that were just too hard to prove. So the Kernel's editors and ad staff made a decision, "No ad". Running an ad like that could give us the $1500 or 1700 promised, but could potentially cost us 25 times that amount from UKathletics, or even other businesses. The choice of not running the ad was business, and the man was told that.

So yesterday, he turned to the WLEX station and the Herald Leader. They ran a short piece about us (which spelled our advisor's name as Chris Moore, not Poore). So we in return were going to run a piece about our side of the story.

I just haven't seen it, but it should be in there today. Now our website isn't back up and running, but even if I have to type out some of it myself, I'll keep you posted.

I'm going to also try to find their website to give you BOTH sides of the story.

Better than nirvana

The way I see it every ten years there is a sound that you can assert that generation with. Culture describes the majority; the majority consists of pop-culture’s most acclaimed artist, and there is always one that is thirteen furlongs ahead of the rest.

The Beatles owned the 60’s, Led Zeppelin were the 70’s, Van Halen had the 80’s (not Skid Row…Sebastian Bach is a wiener), Nirvana was pre April 6, 1994 (ya know, before Kurt decided to cop out and do the 27-year-old dead rock star thing), then after then someone else stepped in and hasn’t quite left yet.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been pwning for the past decade. Blood Sugar Sex Magik was my favorite Chili Peppers’ album. The feeling you get when listening to that album is incredible. It makes you wish you could pick up a guitar and wail on it like John Frusciante does. You’ll have dreams about making a bass sing like Flea does. Anthony Kiedis’ lyrics are so poetically smooth and yet still vague that no matter what he’s singing about, you’ve been there too. Chad Smith can hammer out a thousand drum beats and each one be different from all the prior.

That’s who RHCP is, and they’ve taken it upon themselves to take those abilities to our generation.

Everyone has heard Under the Bridge. That song is about Kiedis’ drug problem, but yet we all love it, and think it was written for us. That’s when you’ve found a good lyricist. I’ve always thought Dave Grohl was the best at making you think he’s singing for you by keeping his lyrics vague and accessible.

Stadium Arcadium should be the album we’re reading about years from now about how it raised the bar for rock music. Every rock musician was sitting in their underwear that Tuesday morning eating Cheerios with Stadium Arcadium playing in the background saying, “S-!+, we gotta stop screwing around!”. Tool was probably saying, “Well I wish we had actually put out an album that had 5 good songs, instead of 3.” I imagine Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam taking a shower, probably with a bottle of wine sitting in his shampoo rack, when he heard Dani California come on the radio and say, ‘Oh f*%$ (because that is his favorite word), how did they keep the sound their fans love and still improve?’.

(Side note) I believe Pearl Jam has gone folk-rock or something. I would love to see them in concert, but only in hope of hearing Rearview Mirror, Daughter, Evolution, Jeremy, Yellow Ledbetter, not Life Wasted, Comatose or whatever else is on the new album.

I’m so relieved that rock n’ roll isn’t gone. It’s like that scene in Almost Famous when Lester Bangs tells William Miller that he missed out on rock n’ roll, that it was dead. Black Sabbath was still on tour, John Lennon and John Bonham were both still alive, rock n’ roll wasn’t even close to giving out.

I just hope we can hold out for a few more years with some real music. God knows I’m tired of these groups coming out and having to act tough, try to be partiers and just flowing with what sounds good to the majority. I’m not saying we should break pop culture’s mold, I’m just saying we shouldn’t have to listen to seven bands that sound like Fall Out Boy, or keep hearing that glazed over sound that Ashley Parker Angel produces.

So thank you RHCP, for keeping it real.

Doc’s note: This theory is shared by The Doctor but is also the view of many, many music critics. The Doctor doesn’t mean to rip anybody off, only to tell it like it is.