Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Central Kentucky Radio Eye

Please take the time to read the story, and look at CKRE's site. It's a good cause, and if you're in Lexington, and looking for things to help your resume out, try heading to the King Library. There are all sorts of ways to help, just ask the man on the mic.

Happiness in slavery.

I've never felt as I do today.

Last night, when leaving work at little after 1 a.m., I felt the slightest bit of accomplishment. I had been working on a story since February, and through many hours, and much, much, much help to my editors, Crystal Little, Adam Sichko, and especially Dave LaBelle (all of which I would consider friends, especially after the work they put into this with me last night), and finally, it was complete.

Today I experienced such a gratifying feeling when people began to tell me how much they enjoyed my piece, but none like what just happened when I went to the Kernel's site to get the link for my blog, did I find the most heart warming of all.

"Most excellent! Well written with the person's voice a clear statement of ability. What strength others can draw from this remarkable man and those who support him! The radio & newspapers provide the eyes and ears for people to take part in life and not just be observers.

Brad Lutrell captured the heart and life style of a wonderful man.
Brad, hats off! Well done! Please continue to hear the voice of others and capture them with your word pictures! Alice Tillett, Frankfort, KY "

Alice, those comments mean more to me than anything I've heard from anyone so far. Thank you so much.

At no point did this article ever seem like it was getting old, or that I just wanted to finish it for finishing's sake. I always wanted to tell Franklin and Charles' story. I hope you'll take the time to learn why (link below), and I hope I can help the Kernel to bring you to many more stories like this next year.

Seeing the world through another voice.

Sorry for the delay, I hope you understand. After all the time I've lost from school, I finally do.