Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Markey Cancer Foundation Fundraiser

Sunday. Car show. Markey Cancer Foundation.

Daily News loses on Project Grad

This is hilarious.

I'm one of the Daily News' biggest critics...well sort of. Actually, I would say anyone who reads the daily paper has to be a critic due to the daily errors. For example, a headline that read, “Man Fleas Police”. Fleas, like the insect?

These are the types of errors we see more often than not in our only source of news here in Middlesboro, KY.

I had just started to see some good pictures and really some decent journalism come from the Daily News when I was surprised with what would have been an easily corrected mistake on Monday.

Yes, I am in the picture in the blue. I went to what is known as Project Graduation at our high school. Students get to stay up all night gambling with monopoly type money and then at the end of the night, there is an auction for all kinds of cool prizes (stuff for college).

The other people picture are Brad Bowling in the cutoff shirt and Hope Davis in the black. Bill Johnson is the guy in the yellow and in the American flag hat behind me is Mrs. Williams (from MMS).

Hope and I graduated in 2005. Brad Bowling isn’t even a student at MHS. The Daily News only published one picture of Project Graduation, and it had no MHS graduates for 2006.