Friday, July 21, 2006

A Summer's Hard Work

I've strived for this all summer long.

It's not a new camera.

From the beginning I hoped I would be able to attain this at the end of the summer.

It's not a new lens.

David Stephenson's were impressive. They made me want to have my own.

It's not an accessorry.

I wanted to make movies.

I've been into multimedia presentations lately. That's when you take pictures, put it to relevant audio, and make a short (or long) video about the story.

It's becoming more and more a part with my job. I love doing it as well though. I know some photogs hate it, but I think it's just as challenging.

To be able to attain good audio, you need similar skills to photography. Observance. You have to realize your surroundings and try to eliminate as many background noises as possible. Creativity. It takes creativity to make your audio stay interesting, not just ambient noise. Practice. Practice will allow you to form yourself and your questions in a manner that will bring forth the answer you want, not just "yes" or "no".

All the interns, Robin Baker, Tricia Spaulding, Andy Huggins and myself, went out to the Bluegrass Fair along with staffers David Stephenson and David Perry. We all did our own audio for our own assigned sections of the fair.

I think our final product went well. The video looks really nice. I'm proud of my work, along with the work of my friends. We learned our equipment quickly. It was a must.

The pics aren't captioned so you can't tell what's mine, so here is the key:

The first four bird pics are mine, along with the audio.

The audio that starts with the close up of the guy with the sunglasses is mine. That picture, along with the one of the bottles, and balloon stall, and the one of the ride that surrounds the sunset right before the last pics.

I'm proud of what I came out with. I have more pics, maybe I'll put them together and you can see them.

My internet speed is pretty slow here, so I'll leave it out.

Thanks for checking and keeping up, despite my sparing posts.