Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Holly Jolly Christmas

Here's how it goes. Every year we go to Harlan on Christmas Eve, and the one year we didn't, we went Christmas. On my mom's side, my cousins and I used to be in one of Ages only church's Christmas plays. It was always on Christmas Eve, and we always were in it, small or large parts. We would come back to find that Santa had visited, and left us gifts. Well now that tradition has died, we basically just show up at my grandparents house (on both sides) and just exchange. It's nice on both sides of the family. The pictures will pretty much do the talking. Enjoy and Merry Christmas

My grandfather gave my dad an old shotgun. We were all in the living room and my aunt and mom were in the kitchen when we heard something that I would guarantee no one else heard on Christmas Eve, "Put the gun down and come eat." Only in Harlan folks.

Monk had to take a break to get some cancerous air and possibly give one of his family members a good shot at some second hand smoke. Thanks buddy.