Thursday, June 22, 2006

Back to Lexington, Cash has his crickets.

You all (when I say you all, that's a very small number now days. I'm expecting about a total of three people to see this) remember my cricket incident. My crickets were freaking kidnapped. Long story, just click the link to find out about it.

So I bought crickets the other day when I was taking my cousin fishing. We had plenty of leftovers, because of the way that event ended. I tried keeping them around the house, but they were so loud. Wood crickets chirp so loud.

I clipped their wings when I put them in my cage, so I didn't have to listen to them chirp at night. That may sound cruel to some of you, but I'll only have to deal with maybe one cruel reply, if that (which I'd be glad to know people are actually reading, not just stumbling onto my site).

So on my way back to Lex, I stopped at the pet store and bought some crickets that are smaller, and are bred so that they do not have wings (thank you Jesus). I picked up about two dozen and dumped all those stupid wood crickets out in the parking lot, and prayed I ran over some of them on the way out.

These crickets are in my room, in a cage, and I haven't heard a peep, or squeak rather.

I thought I would let everyone see how the theiving of the crickets turned out. Cash is happy, munching away on those poor little devils.

Pet stores usually starve their crickets. Not so much intentional, but I guess they just don't want to use any more cash than neccesarry.
Here is the size of the cricket I was feeding cash. That peice of "tater" is almost the size of the one the others are eating, now you can see why Cash has to do that thrashing chomp thing to kill one of these guys.

American pride, or something

I'm back in Lex right now, and had to stop it seems like a thousand times today. On one of my stops, I saw this. I'm not sure if it's patriotic, but it's sure artistic.

Nothing more, just for giggles.

Notice the little heads (I'm not sure what those sculptures on pianos are called) on top of the cab.