Wednesday, April 12, 2006

David Broder, yeah be jealous.

I can't go on for days like I wish I could, but tonight, I got to hear David Broder, a columnist for the Washington Post speak, and it was awesome. I only have time to brag, for I'm writing a paper over it to send to my teacher.

I'm going for my interview tomorrow for photo editor of the Kentucky Kernel. Wish me luck, or something.

The Doctor

We're too numb.

We're too numb to what is going on elsewhere in the world. It's like 75 deaths in Iraq is just a way of measuring how much the president's approval rate is going down.

"75 people killed, yep well, I guess that's about equal to 1 percent lower on the ratings, sorry Mr. President."

It's stupid. Imagine that happening in your own town and the whole story changes.

Today, a car bomb killed 26 people. 26? That's a 6th of my graduating class! That's your sons' and daughters' entire class room in most cases. To many, that's everyone working around them.

26 isn't just a statistic, or a number, or an amount. That's individual lives. Possibly individual familes. An event like this brings so much pain to so many families and we don't even think about it. We read the paper, see the pictures (if there are any), read the headlines, and few will make it past the lead.

That is a shame.

9/11 tapes will make your blood run cold.

These two links will almsot bring you to tears. Very well written stories on the accounts of the Flight 93.

Jurors to hear Flight 93 cockpit tape

Jury sees harrowing images of 9/11 terrorism