Saturday, May 20, 2006

Middlesboro High School Graduation

It's 4:07 a.m., and I just recently got home from what Middlesboro High School calls Project Graduation. It's great fun and all, but I'm worn out. I've had a reasonably long day, (consisting of being burned by my parent's tanning bed [am I really admitting this to the world wide web...yeah, because about 7 people have been reading lately so I figure no one will even know]). I didn't work out, because I was terribly sore from the day before, and I've consumed way too many carbonated sugar beverages.

Graduation pics coming tomorrow.

If you know I shot pics of you, your kid, cousin, nephews, niece, aunt, uncle, brother, sister or whatever, let me know, I'll sell it to you cheaper than any of the other photogs there (Ray Welch, Gary Ferguson). I will not promise that I have anyone who graduated, because I don't. But that's not why I was there. I was there to see two of my best friends (Alex & Rina [alphabetically]) graduate (among others).

My rates: adjustable.

I will work with you, we'll see what works. Generally, if I work for you, it's a minimum of $50, then you pay for what it cost to print your pics. But with these, I will charge only $15 up front, then what it cost to print pics (unless you're ordering one or two prints, then email me at and we'll work through a good price...). I will beat Welch's prices, but dont' promise to have a picture of the person you're looking for.