Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Day of days?

Today I shot for about 2 1/2 hours. It felt so good to be shooting. It did. I was up on the 18th floor of POT (that's patterson office tower for you hippies, I'm no toker) taking pics of the sunset over campus. Sounds great, and in a way it was, but the pics didn't turn out that good.

I think I need to be there for sunrise.

But I met an interesting fellow (who I will leave nameless for the reasons that follow). Let's call him Jorge. It's amazing how much you can learn about somebody in 45 minutes without trying. Jorge has been working for UK for 20 years. Imagine him as a large man, about 6' 5, with the most untamed, white beard you can imagine. He had those small, beady eyes, and they peered out without much interest in anything that was going on. He was really quite nice too. The whole time we were just cutting up with each other and talking about tuition hikes and I told him about what a rip off meal plan is. Well, he told me a secret. Jorge doesn't pay to park on campus (all faculty must pay). He has it worked out to where he can get around it (shall remain nameless). I thought that was cool, he was laughing about how they don't really need any more money anyways.

He really knew his stuff too, because he knew all about the percent increases in tuition, and then the deal with the staff's salary lately (I don't really know anything about it to tell you).

But he started talking about how he used to shoot photos, and how he used to come up and shoot pics of Lexie from that very ledge. I said, "Well I guess you have a lot of photos of this campus growing then don't you, since you've been doing that for twenty years?" and he said yeah, I guess I do.

We talked about how many roofs he had been on, what he does, how him and another guy are the only two guys on staff for half of campus, and how the frats floors are sticky from something he is unsure of.

I just love what I'm going into. I'm going to get to meet guys like Jorge everyday, and I'm never going to get tired of that.

UK joins effort to 'take back the night' for women - Campus News

UK joins effort to 'take back the night' for women - Campus News

more pics. (this one isn't good, but still made money!)

Dining, energy issues up for vote - Campus News

Dining, energy issues up for vote - Campus News

Just showing off some pics I guess.