Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Global Warming...no joke.

Anybody remember Melvin, my cyber pet? That's him right there.

I've been taking a geology class, and it's about the planet's sustainability, or more or less, how humans are ruining our planet. I know it SOUNDS like a bunch of hippie stuff, but really it's more like this: we've depleated so many of our sources it's unbelievable.

I've learned about so much that it does make me want to get involved and I think if something were presented to me, I would take it. I recycle everything I can now, and I'm not throwing my cigarette butts on the ground (oh wait, I don't smoke...but if I did, I wouldn't). I try to keep my gas from spilling out of my car onto the ground.

It's done a lot for me, and I really have enjoyed learning about it.

But here, this is something we all should take notice to. It's there, don't hide from it. It will be affecting you sooner and louder than you would like to believe.