Monday, February 27, 2006

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Why the Commons Rule!

Apartment 6 months $2,340
Campus Housing (new dorms) $2,125
Campus Housing (Haggin) $1,681

$215 more for apartments, BUT, and this is a HUGE BUT, we can stay at any point in time at the apartments during the breaks (i.e. the Louisville game when we had to stay at a friend’s house at their inconvenience). It doesn’t matter when school is in session because we can stay there, 24/7/365.

We’re already getting grocery money on top of our $883. I know for a fact that we’ve spent $75 AT LEAST a month. So you can add roughly $350 to $400 onto that $883.

Parking for K-Lot is roughly $176 a year, where as we have to move our cars constantly on weekends during the football season, we’re constantly fearing tickets (I myself have experienced one…and that’s lucky). BUT at the University Commons we only pay $75 for a bus pas on Lextran and that will get us into campus every 15 minutes from 6 in the morning until like 11:30 pm. There is no towing or ticketing at the University Commons. And when our loving parents come, all guest parking is free.

Extra Benefits:

* Our own bedrooms and a bath per two people, as opposed to one bath per four people.
*All utilities included, which means internet in all rooms.
*Our own kitchen, of which we know who used it last.
*An actual living space, not just an end to the room.
*Washer and Dryer (all included)
*Emergency buttons for those bad people who try to rape you (tee hee)
*Commons provides food regularly.
*I almost forgot the most important: POOL, BASKETBALL, VOLLEYBALL, TENNIS, HOT TUB, GRILL, FITNESS ROOM, and by far the most significant FREE POP CORN.

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